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you know your onions

You're a Voice Over Artist, a Voice Actor... a Voice Talent.

You're great at what you do. You work hard in the studio. Your main focus being on your read; your performance. The quality of your recording and your client's satisfaction never far from your mind.

You record, you edit, you send.

But what about your business as a whole? You need to market yourself, and now more so than ever, you need a website.

A website is often the first introduction a potential client has to you and your business (and being in VO is a business). It allows them to get an appreciation of your style, and a glimpse of the quality of your work and what it might be like to work with you.

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so, what do you need?

  • An awesome domain name

  • Bespoke Branding

  • A flawless, modern website

  • A responsive design (that works on all screen sizes)

  • Video and Audio Players to showcase your demos and previous work

  • A reliable host

  • SSL Certificate (enables a secure, encrypted connection to your website)

  • Well-designed contact forms

To most, sorting all this (and much more) out and ending with a sleek and shiny professional website might seem daunting; a heck of an uphill struggle and certainly time consuming.

we know our onions, too

Let us design, build and host your Voice Over website and this is what you'll get...


FREE bespoke logo and branding design as standard


We design stunning websites so yours will reflect you and your business perfectly

a free domain

your domain will be FREE for the first year

Content update

If you need to update your content, we'll do it for you so you can concentrate on your next read

media hosting

 Showcase your demos, video reels, or both - we've got it covered

analytics & seo

We will set your site up with analytics and use the best SEO tools available to us to help you increase your ranking

*based on plan

Business email

We'll set you up with a professional business email address


*based on plan


If you need an update, want to add a page or are experiencing any problems, we are here for you


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So, how much does all this cost?

Not that much, as it happens. Our Gold Plan setup fee is the same amount as many Voice Actors charge for just half an hour of time in the studio.

Take a look at our plans to see which one works for you.

You can own your very own Voice Over business website for a setup fee that's equivalent to just 30 minutes of studio time*

*Gravy For The Brain VO Rates Guide - Based on 1hr BSF of £250

*Design Only plans, once designed, will be transferred to the purchaser to manage. This option will incur monthly/annual fees from the web hosting service. At the time of writing, these fees are as follows: £11pm or £102pa.


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